Best Halloween Hairstyle Ideas on Instagram

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The time for spooks and scares is finally upon us. Dressing up, and tricks up those sleeves are certainly the best part about Halloween. This holiday certainly highlights a person’s creativity or even their mischievous self, wherein you get to feel like a kid again. The most obvious norm for this holiday is, of course, dressing up in outrageous and terrifying costumes while also getting the kick out of indulging yourselves to some treats!

Naturally, if you are going to dress up for this year’s Halloween, you need to achieve that overall look of what character you will impersonate. Go all out with the dress up, the makeup, the characterization, and the hairstyle, all of which are essentially important!

So we scouted Instagram to find the best hairstyle for women for Halloween and we were surprised to find tons of creatively elaborated and executed hairdos!

Here are our top finds of



khaleesi halloween hairstyle

Who doesn’t love Game of Thrones? Be everyone’s favorite this year and go with Daenerys Targaryen’s signature look. Just be sure not to set things on fire at the party.


rapunzel halloween hairstyle

Or would you rather go as a Disney princess and have elegant curls framing your face?


maleficent halloween hairstyle

Not the goodie two shoes type of girl, this updo is perfect for you! Well, Halloween has always been fun with all the games and trickery, right?


medusa halloween hairstyle

Watch the terror rise up on anyone who dares to gaze upon you as they turn into stone.

Cat Ears

cat ears halloween hairstyle

Cat person or not, anyone will definitely find these cat ears charming! Pair it up with a slim black suit to perfectly pull off the Catwoman attire.

Platinum Hairdo

platinum halloween hairstyle

Embrace your love for white with this hairstyle. And if you have the time, turn your face into a skull like Krysta did.


fairytale halloween hairstyle

For the love of fairies, this one is golden! Style up your long locks and dye them with a golden blonde hue.

Pastel Green

pastel green halloween hairstyle

Who says nerds can’t look beautiful? Stereotypes were over ages ago so you can definitely stand out with this style.

Pastel Rainbow Highlights

pastel rainbow halloween hairstyle

Halloween screams candies and other goody treats. Become a sweet Cotton Candy lady yourself with these pastel rainbow highlights.

Witch’s Mane

witch mane halloween hairstyle

It’s neatly styled as an unkempt mane. It’s the witching season and there’s only one best way to go at it – be the classic and iconic witch for Halloween!


UP halloween hairstyle

Be unpredictable and bold! Style your hair like the house from the Disney movie, UP and you will surely turn heads with this look.

Charlotte’s Web

charlotte's web halloween hairstyle

This intricate braid is perfect for anyone who enjoys going for a subtle and simpler look for Halloween.

Green Ombre

green ombre halloween hairstyle

This green ombre hairdo is uncannily similar to a witch’s brew which is perfect if you want to rock out a Goth-type of look.


bat(wo)man halloween hairstyle

Here’s a crafty idea? Include a bat into your braided hair. A really sneaky trick but the look is certainly worth it.

Vampire Snow Princess

vampire snow princess halloween hairstyle

There is something about dying your hair in violet hues that makes it look more chic and mysterious and it’s kind of perfect for the holiday don’t you think?

So, you know what or who you’re going for, and you’ve already got your costume. The only thing left to do is to show your creativity with these unique hairstyles and be the center of attention this Halloween!

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