7 Simple Hacks to Apply Salon-Like Nail Paint with Perfection

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If you take a closer look at highend beauty photo, it’s not just the hair, makeup and photography (not to mention the model) that creates a stunning picture. It’s often very subtle purely because it’s rarely ever the main focus, but nail polish actually plays a huge role in creating harmony in those stunning photos. Something as simple as badly done nails or chipping polish can be very distracting, and is such a huge turn-off!

Getting mani-pedis regularly would be heavenly, but we don’t always have the budget nor time to get it done as often as we’d like. Sometimes painting your nails on your own is all you need. Follow these simple steps to make your nails look like you just stepped out of the salon.

Start with clean nails

Ever found yourself simply painting over chipped nail paint? You should know by know that that’s a big no-no! You’re better than that. Get rid of the old polish before even thinking about putting on a fresh coat.

Shape the nails

Once you put on the polish there’s no going back. Prepare your nails for polish by trimming them as needed and filing them into the shape you want.

Apply a base coat

Never ever wave this off as a waste of time! The base coat is what prevents staining of the nails, and gives the polish something cling on to so it lasts longer.

Roll before application

By that, we mean the nail polish bottle. Hold it vertically between your hands and roll it back and forth to improve the consistency. Do not shake it as this may form air bubbles that make it trickier to apply.

Stick to two thin coats

Less is more when it comes to nail polish. One or more thick coats is harder to control during application and have more tendency to smudge, even after they’re dry. Thin coats dry much quicker and look much better. Apply the polish in two thin layers, making sure that the second is much thinner than the first.

Clean up the edges

Use an old lip brush or cotton buds and polish remover to clean up any polish that get on your skin. Be very careful when doing this as you might slip and dent the polish actually on your nails.

Dunk them in iced water

The time when the polish is drying is crucial. One wrong move and you’ll have to start all over again. Who has that kind of time? Air dry your nails for a few minutes once you’re done then dip them in iced water for a couple more minutes to speed up the drying process. Of course, make sure that the bowl and iced water are already on the table before you start painting your nails, as the simple process of opening the cupboard and fridge risks smudging.

If maintaining painted nails is still too much of a hassle, at least remove old nail polish with a proper remover rather than chipping it away. Also cut your nails if you can’t be bothered to keep them clean as well. Then you can simply go to the salon when you’re able to give your hands, feet, and nails their much needed pampering every so often.

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