6 Trending Nail Styles for Spring and Summer

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Trends are ever-changing – that’s why they’re called trends. The first things that tend to come to mind are clothing items and hairstyles, as they are the most prominently showcased aspects in highend beauty photo collection and runways. This year however, people are paying even more attention to experimenting with nail polish. And why not? In their own subtle way, they also play a big role in the overall look. Whether you’re looking to jump the bandwagon or just looking for new ideas, here are some of the newest nail trends for 2017.

Soft Pink

Soft Pink nail

Super subtle and extremely adorable, soft pink is the new nude – for nails, that is. It gives off a very dainty look and is very easy to both achieve and manage. It’s a very subtle colour that even those who aren’t really fans of pink probably wouldn’t mind wearing!


Greyscale nail

Another minimalist look, greyscale nails are typically achieved using only two colours: grey and black or white. It’s up to you to choose the transition you like. You can always keep it simple by skipping the black/white and sticking with just one grey hue. For a touch of colour, opt for greys with a subtle lavender tone.


Moody Metallic nail

Get the metallic look on your nails by starting off with a white nail polish as base and topping it off with a layer of silver, gold, or bronze. Your choice. Either way, it’s a very modern and elegant take on metallic nails. Shiny, yet wearable.

Black Accents

Black Accent nail

Black blocks are created by swiping matte black polish at the center of the nail then topping it off with clear polish. Alternatively, it can be applied curved around the cuticle and paired with soft pink.

Colour Blocking

Colour Blocking nail

Colourful nails aren’t a new thing. However, runways were recently graced with colourful nails with even more vibrant accents such as stripes, dots, and geometric patterns in hues that contrast the base. With designs like these, do make sure to take the necessary steps to prolong nail polish.

Graphic French

Graphic French nail

This trend offers a fun new take on classic French tips. Instead of using white, swipe on different colours on each tip. Or you can still keep it to neutral colours by painting the tips black and white.

Embellished Cuticles

Embelished Cuticles nail

A lot of importance is placed solely on taking care of cuticles, but this year they’ve been given the opportunity to take on the centre stage. Start off with a clear or nude base then use a thin brush to outline the cuticles with glittery or metallic polish.

There are so many interesting new nail trends this year, and the fact that most of them are minimalist and wearable makes it tempting to jump from one to the other. Give some of these a try, but make sure to still pay attention to your nail health and give them some time to breathe!

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