5 Easy Hairstyles to Upgrade Your OOTD Photos

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Easy hairstyles to add major style to your OOTD!

OOTDs, or ‘Outfit of the Day’ photos, are more popular now than ever. Unless you have a massive wardrobe and varied styles, it can be tiresome thinking of ways to make each one… different. Most people would literally just take photos of their outfit for the day, but forget that the full outfit includes your hairstyle. Big mistake.

Tired of wearing the same old hairstyle in over a hundred photos? Mix it up with these cool hairstyles! The best part is you don’t have to reach for hairspray and the curling/straightening iron to achieve these.

Half-Up Messy Bun

easy hairstyles half up messy bun

Look cute on-the-go with a half-up messy bun. It’s super easy to do (should take no more than 5 seconds once you master it) and is flattering for most face shapes. It will amp up your endearing aura, and that’s always a good thing.

Half-Up Ribbon

easy hairstyles half up ribbon

Make the half-up ponytail look interesting again by adding a nice ribbon to it. Depending on the type of ribbon you use, you could look either really young or elegantly adorable. It’s a win-win!

Twin Buns

easy hairstyles twin buns

Feeling bubbly? Go for twin buns! It instantly gives any outfit a nice charming and edgy look without taking ‘rebellious’ too far. On the plus side, you’ll end up with soft curls when you decide to remove the hair ties.

Twist Crown

easy hairstyles twist crown

The twist crown is a romantic hairstyle that’s especially great for anyone who doesn’t know how to do a braid. It also works well if you’re in the awkward stage of growing out bangs.

Khaleesi-inspired Twists

easy hairstyles khaleesi inspired twists

Emulate the Mother of Dragons with this easy hairstyle! Don’t worry about it if you don’t have pale, long hair; the style works just as well with darker hues.

Obviously some of these hairstyles will need the help of hair extensions for that extra ‘oomph’, but that’s only if you have the time to make the effort. Otherwise, you can make definitely make do with the natural hair you’ve been blessed with.

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