4 Solutions for Common Hairstyling Problems

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There are so many hairstyling hacks available out there, it’s so hard to keep track and memorize them all. Admit it – most of the time you’d rather just throw on a cap or wear your hair in a messy bun when confronted with hairstyling problems than to have to sift through tons of information to find the best solutions for you.

While those articles mean well and many of the techniques are definitely clever and useful, you still need to put at least some amount of time and effort to learn them. You’re likely to be reading this with 10 minutes to spare before you rush out, thinking:

hairstyling problems aint nobody got time for that

Alright fine, we won’t keep you. Check out these efficient hacks for common, every day hairstyling problems.

To tame baby hairs…

Baby hairs are pesky and can look really messy. To tame baby hair, all you need to do is use a (clean) old toothbrush or an unused one. Spray the toothbrush with a bit of hairspray then use it to comb down baby or flyaway hair in the direction you want it. Another alternative is to use mascara, but this can have a messy outcome when not done right.

To defrizz hair…

All you need is a hairbrush and a dryer sheet. Punch a single sheet through the brush bristles then brush as normal. Because it contains a thin layer of lubricant (which reduces static electricity and keeps clothes feeling soft), it can also help defrizz your hair! Added bonus – your locks will smell much nicer afterwards.

To save time curling hair…

Getting nice, sexy beach waves can be easy and quick by tying your hair up in a ponytail and curling them in sections. The more sections you divide them in, the curlier the hair. Another hack for saving time while getting curls is by tying damp hair into braids or buns before going to bed. You should end up with wavy hair in the morning.

To skip the morning shower…

Instead of using dry shampoo right before you leave, spray it on the roots of your hair before you go to bed. Leave it on for the night so it can suck up the oils that make your hair appear greasy – it will look great in the morning. And remember, hairstyling is easier to do with (reasonably) dirty hair so don’t panic if you don’t have time to wash your hair every day.

Remember, hairstyling problems shouldn’t complicate your life if it’s not really your thing. Without any practice you could end up with a disaster! You’re probably better off having someone else do your hair for special occasions or photoshoots, just to be safe. Otherwise, it’s still worth to take the time to learn other hairstyling tips when you’re not in such a rush.

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