10 Worst Men’s Haircuts of all Time

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Remember Britney Spears circa 2007? She had a highly-publicised and very public breakdown wherein she asked for the owner to shave her head. The owner understandably refused tried to talk the pop star out of it. Britney then grabbed asideburn trimmerand shavedher locks herself. We’re glad that Britney seems to have recovered from whatever mental state she was in at the time, but that incident is still commonly referenced 10 years later. Perhaps part of the reason why is that we could all relate – admit it, at some point in your life everything became so overwhelming that you wanted act out and do something crazy. And it’s not just women too – even men have these moments.

It’s a good thing not all of us impulsively go bald and have the less-than-shining moment captured on camera, later to be seen by billions of people. Why should you, when there are plenty of stock photos for hairstyles that you can hoard and present to your stylist and say “Surprise me.”? That would be the smart thing to do.

The examples below are examples of the not-so-smart thing to do. In fact, we’d prefer going bald over these top ten worst men’s hairstyles.



There is no doubt that the mullet cut is very iconic. It even brought about various modern versions, some of which were actually quite wearable. Still, it’s something men and women alike should just steer away from. Please never bring it back.

Flock of Seagulls

worst hairstyles

Fans of popular tv show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. know and love Chandler Bing… except perhaps when he was sporting the flock of seagulls haircut. Even he couldn’t pull this off, and we couldn’t be happier that this hairstyle has flown far away from the trending scene.

Blonde Perm

worst hairstyles

An artificial blonde perm that looks like dry instant noodles is not a great look. Justin Timberlake may have been one of the most favourite hearttrobs in the ’90s, but this hairstyle was never a good idea.

Moustache … or Bangs?

worst hairstyles

We’re not quite sure what this is. We don’t want to know.


worst hairstyles

A perm AND a mullet?

Bowl Cut

worst hairstyles

This haircut can be pulled off in some cases. In most cases, it cannot.

Literal Comb-over

worst hairstyles

The bangs resemble the teeth of a comb, which is ironic because an actual comb is supposed to be a tool for making the hair look better.

The Trump

worst hairstyles

Memes making fun of Donald Trump’s hair can be found all over the internet. It has long been speculated that the USA’s President wears a wig, but he has repeatedly denied and debunked these claims. He even says in his book Trump: How to Get Rich, “I do not wear a rug. My hair is 100 percent mine. No animals have been harmed in the creation of my hairstyle.” Kudos to that, but with all due respect sir, we suggest going with a different haircut.


worst hairstyles

The original rat tail is bad enough. This version is honestly not a very good look either, unless you’re trying to catch a cat. No, wait, scratch that. Cats wouldn’t want to go near this thing either.

Fancy Rattail

worst hairstyles

We’re not quite sure what to call this. Is it a fancy rattail, a permullet with shaved sides, or a coonskin cap?


worst hairstyles

Was this intentional? If so, why?

When in doubt, always go to a professional stylist. They’re not ones to judge your taste in hairstyles but you will get honest opinions before getting the haircut. Here’s a link to a list of stately hairstyles for men to give you better ideas for a new ‘do.

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