10 Modern Takes on Classic Men’s Hairstyles

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If you look closely in the trends these days, vintage or retro styles are making a huge comeback. From the embroidered and laced to high-waisted jeans, these fashion styles look as good as they did in the past. But more than just clothing, men’s hairstyles are also going back to its roots with the slick back styles, loose fringes, and pompadours.

These hairstyles, however, have been updated to match contemporary tastes. Think of it as a mesh between old-style glamour and modern barbering. Here is a list of men’s hairstyles that have been given a fresh and fashionable update.

Slicked back hairstyle with mid fade


Probably one of the most popular cuts is the undercut that has a short slicked back hair and an even shorter skin fade clean cut. However, instead of combing it over to the other side, you can use a pomade or wax to style it for texture and then brush it back, giving it a matte slick style.

Fade Undercut


This cut plays on the short-long short pattern. There is an angled skin fade cut at the sides and long hair on top. It does not qualify as a pompadour yet, but you can style it in wavy to give it texture the effortlessly messy look everyone loves these days.

High pompadour


A pompadour was not associated with men’s hairstyles before, it was derived from Madame de Pompadour because her hair is swept back and worn high over the forehead. And now men cut their hair with a high pompadour, styled vertically, and only brushed back ever so slightly to give it the wall of hair look. However, you can go even further by twisting the hair to one side to create a wall of hair waves.

Rockabilly Wave


You will definitely feel like you’re part of the Grease cast with this style. It is a skin fade cut that has a wave of hair on top held together by pomade or wax.

Combover with hard part


This has a more geometrical look to it: Hair has a high fade cut up until the temple, and from there transitions to an inch long hair. There is a hairline and razor part from the inch long hair to the combover; this is what people call the hard part.

Long fringe undercut

long fringe undercut


Another short hair style that makes use of the effortlessly messy look is the undercut with the long fringe. Between the fringe on top and the skin fade cut at the sides, there is a razor thin hard part that distinguishes the two.

Extreme pompadour with skin fade cut


If you didn’t think hair could not get any higher, you’ll see that the skin fade undercut with long hair on top creates the Great Wall of hair. It makes an arc to meet the back of the head, styled with wax to hold its form.

Shadow drop fade with step cut


Take the step part of this hairstyle literally because that is what it is. From the thick hair on top transitions to a step, a cut that is about only an inch long, until it is reduced to a skin fade cut.

Wet look for a dry slicked hairstyle


The retro version is a simple slick hair that is combed with less or no product used at all. The updated version, however, uses product for extra shine and to show comb lines at the sides. The style does not just work for slick back hair, it can work for matte as well.

Short pompadour


For those of you who are not fond of long hairs up top, the short disconnected pompadour can work just as well. It is an inch and a half long on top and styled vertically to create a pomp. There is a hard part visible to transition from the pomp to the short undercut.

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