10 Grooming Tips for the Modern Man

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There used to be a time when men were made fun of for spending time to prep themselves before they left the house. But these days, countless blog articles, magazines, even television shows are brimming with grooming tips for men, complete with recommendations on brands and products to use.

But honestly, the best grooming secret is not which expensive goop you should be putting on your face. It is about starting a routine and sticking to it. To get you started, here are 10 easy grooming habits you need to get into.

Cut your nails

To kick off this grooming tips list, let’s start with what you probably don’t notice much about yourself: your nails. Long nails mean that it is prone to dirt accumulation. You don’t want to look like you never wash your hands, so keep your nails short and clean.

Wash and moisturize

Your face is obviously what people see the most, so make sure to wash it properly every morning. Some would do a pre-bath wash using a gentle skin cleanser, you can do this as well. But even if you don’t, make sure that the soap you use for your face is different from what you use on your body. After washing, moisturize according to your skin type.

Keep facial hair tidy

Whether you want to rock a long beard or a five o’clock shadow, it’s completely okay to have facial hair. But be sure you tame and trim it so you don’t end up looking like a hobo. Long beards gone haywire will definitely turn people off.

Visit your barber regularly

Don’t wait for your hair to go crazy before you visit your barber. Make an appointment at least once a month to make sure your hair gets the treatment it deserves. For those who wear their hair long, the ends tend to get dry and split so that more you need to cut that away for healthy shiny hair.

Find the perfect hair product for you

When choosing hair products, you need to know which one your hair responds to the best. You’ll know this when your hair becomes easy to work with and doesn’t feel stiff. Thick haired men can handle pomades and waxes, but thinner haired men might require something lighter like sprays to style their hair. Consult with your barber if needed.

Brush and floss

Brush your teeth first thing in the morning to get rid of the bacteria that has built up while you were sleeping. Dentists recommend brushing at least twice a day, so the next one could be before going to bed. But you are very much welcome to brush after eating lunch at midday, especially after eating something smelly. Use mouthwash and don’t forget to floss.

Manscape properly

Not a lot of men think about manscaping, but it’s actually a very hygienic grooming tip you need to consider. Trimming, if not completely shaving hair at the pubic area, will keep things cleaner. Remember that hair is prone to accumulating dirt as well, this is why if you sweat during the day, you take a bath in the evening. Use a different shaving device for this if you’re doing it yourself. But if you want someone else to do the dirty work for you, you can always go to waxing salons to do it for you.

Have a foot care routine

After taking a bath, take a pumice stone or any bath loaf and use it on your feet to remove the dead skin, and then slather on some moisturizer on them. One of the most overlooked grooming tips there is.

Apply moisturizing lotion on your body and don’t forget to use deodorant

Keep your skin healthy by applying lotion to keep it from getting dry. And never leave the house without wearing deodorant, offensive body odor will turn people away.

Invest in your signature scent

Try not to change aftershaves and perfumes too much, stick to one scent and make it your own. Remember that your scent should be subtle so choose wisely. One way to pick a perfume is to spray it on yourself first and let it stay on your skin for a couple of hours. If it still smells good, then you know that perfume is just right for your body chemistry.

So are you ready to start that grooming routine, modern man? Follow these grooming tips to become the best version of yourself.

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