10 Best Hairstyles for Plus Size Women

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Much like with clothes, the concept of ‘one size fits all’ is not very accurate when it comes to hairstyles. It’s so easy to make the mistake of falling in love with a certain cut or colour worn by someone else, then realizing too late that it does not look as good on yourself. So here’s a little advice: the best way to accentuate a beautiful face is with a great haircut tailored to its shape. When browsing through highend beauty collection, be on the lookout for models who have similar features as yours such the jawline, forehead, and neck. This will give you a more accurate idea of how it will look on you. Have a look through these 10 hairstyles and see which one you’d love to try!

Side-swept Bangs and Voluminous Waves

Side-swept Bangs and Voluminous Waves

For this event, Rebel Wilson’s long blonde hair was blow-dried to give it waves and volume. The strands framing her face are in deep side part swept across her (beautiful and high) forehead then pinned to the side. The result is elegant and sexy big hair suited even for formal events.

Long Bob

long bob

Mid-length hair is trending these days! Classy and very manageable, this sleek version of the long bob grazes the collarbone to elongate the neck.

Long and Sleek

long and sleek

Whether you have naturally straight hair or need a straightener, this is an easy go-to look for days when you want to look extra sexy. Keep the length of the strands at the front just a couple of inches past the chin to elongate and frame the face.

Medium Hair with Full Bangs

medium length with full bangs

Plus-size women are often advised not to wear full bangs. Here is proof that girls with inverted-triangle faces may feel free to ignore that advice!

Side-Swept Bangs and Side Bun

Side-Swept Bangs and Side Bun

Starting with curly or wavy hair, twist the locks towards the direction of the bangs and pin into a loose bun. This style will frame most face shapes quite nicely.

Vintage Waves

Tousled Waves

Adele’s mid-length vintage waves are reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe’s, sans the platinum colour. Nevertheless, such a hairstyle certainly adds a touch of class to any look.

Face-Framing Layers

face framing layers

The longest strands fall just above the chest, but the rest are artfully feathered into soft layers for volume.

Hollywood Waves

old hollywood waves

Old Hollywood waves just never go out of style! Case in point, Ashley Graham’s glamorous locks.

Asymmetrical Bangs

Asymmetrical Bangs Long Hair

Long layers paired with asymmetrical side bangs are flattering on full round faces.

Pompadour Braid


Raven Symoné and her hairstyle history is the epitome of wearing what you feel like and not what style rules dictate. She has experimented with varying colours and hairstyles, often incorporating shaved sides. Here she wears a pompadour braid with loose curls that look absolutely stunning and edgy with her pear-shaped face.

When it comes to plus-sized women, a ‘round’ face is not the standard. You will most certainly still have to consider your actual face shape and be guided accordingly to find the most flattering hairstyle for you.

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