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When it comes to hairstyles and hair care, no one is as updated in trends as the countless blogs on the Internet. Some of these blogs have even caught the attention of well-known products and celebrities, asking them for a feature or browsing through their blogs for recommendations. Yes, you can call it effective salon marketing, but these blogs do have sufficient know-how to be able to sustain such an intensive topic.

Additionally, we are all very particular with our hair and face, from how to take care of it to how we can better present ourselves through it. For this reason, we have rounded up some of the best lifestyle business blogs to follow so you can get updates on the latest and the best in the hair industry.

Tanya Burr

Most makeup bloggers have Youtube channels featuring demos on makeup techniques and product tests. Tanya Burr is one such blogger, having started her Youtube channel featuring beauty, fashion, and baking in 2009. Her website was started in 2011 and has gone on to become a lifestyle guide and have garnered 3 million subscribers. In 2015, she has published her own book which is partly autobiographical. She is a supporter of ONE Campaign which fights for gender equality.


It is one of the most popular websites related to beauty and fashion, it is the product of Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Felicia Walker Benson’s work. She dishes out expert tips on makeup, skin and hair care, with her usual charm and wit. She has made an appearance on The Today Show and has been featured on publications such as Allure, Marie Claire, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, The New York Times, Elle, and more.

Beauty is Boring

Beauty is Boring is a website run by makeup artist and photographer, Robin Black. Here, she writes as if it is a photo diary, featuring backstage glimpses, make up techniques and instructions, and a list of products for each look she recreates. She is joined by other beauty and fashion experts who churn out inclusive beauty tips and other creative ways to express artistry through make up.

Miss Whoever You Are

Blogger Eileen Dautruche features all of the topics mentioned above, but what sets her apart is the voice that she uses to communicate her message. Think of her as your “in real life” best friend who is always there to give you beauty and fashion advice. She is sassy and smart, which makes her material very entertaining while still being very informative.

Politics of Pretty

Politics of Pretty is run by Kara Ferguson, a beauty writer who features topics on skin, nails, hair and makeup. She tests beauty products and reviews them for newbie beauty junkies. She is a no nonsense person when it comes to her reviews, Kara will tell you exactly what the product does without sugarcoating or beating around the bush, so you know exactly which products will suit your needs.

Gorgeous in Grey

Ty Alexander’s Gorgeous in Grey is a lifestyle guide that features makeup tutorials, guides, plus-size outfit posts, and more. She aims to inspire women to “embrace their authentic selveS”. And through her wit, charm, and sass, she is able to effectively get her message across. She has garnered 90, 000 followers on her social media platforms and has written for Style.com, HuffingtonPost.com, and more.

I Covet Thee

I Covet Thee is Alix’s lifestyle guide. She features makeup and cosmetics, traveling, and everything beauty and fashion related. She also talks about life in the South of England and churns out various videos on skincare, seasonal style, and product reviews.

Cult of Pretty

Ann Colville Somma runs the Cult of Pretty website, and she features beauty products and reviews the ingredients used and how effective they actually are. Sometimes the products she features are not as popular and can cost less than much of the products commercially available today with the same effectivity.

Hello to Beauty

This is a website run by beauty guru Nikki Deroest. It offers exclusive backstage glimpses, bad hair day solutions, and beauty brand reviews. You will also be treated to beauty tips and tutorial videos. Her aim is to be able to teach and inspire people to be confident about themselves and to show that beauty need not be complicated.

Beauty Bets

Beauty Bets is run by Elizabeth Dehn and writes product reviews and churns out beauty tips for those who are dipping their toes in the beauty industry. She also features natural ways to remove makeup, get rid of redness, and so on. She has an estimated 5.4 million followers on Pinterest and has won an award for her skincare collaboration with One Love Organics.

We all get inspiration from people who have tried and tested everything related to beauty and lifestyle. Through following the blogs above and those you have found on the Internet yourselves, you will be able to build your own unique style that fits your personality, at the same time learn about the industry know-hows so you can take better care of yourself.

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