Time and time again, Disney has succeeded in creating women’s hairstyles that are so classy, beautiful, and sometimes even physics-defying, that recreating it can prove to be a difficult task! But that doesn’t mean we stop trying. Here are five of the most fabulous hairstyles seen on Disney Princesses, providing hair goals for young girls (and the young at heart) everywhere!

Rapunzel’s Magic Hair

Rapunzel Hair Goals

Magical or not, it’s almost impossible how healthy and thick, not to mention strong (and multi-purpose), Rapunzel’s hair was. It was so long that her mother must have saved a FORTUNE from all the haircuts Rapunzel had not been having. How she managed to even stand up with that heavy head of hair is beyond us.

Ariel’s Fiery Red Water-proof Locks

Ariel Hair Goals

No list of unrealistically perfect hair would be complete without our rebellious childhood hero: the Little Mermaid. Whatever hair product Ariel’s been using, it provides such a strong hold that it manages to maintain its shape underwater! What’s more, it manages to pull off the ‘dry look’ even when she literally just got out of the water. Amazing.

Snow White’s Ultra-Feminine Bob

Snow White hair goals

Disney’s first well-known princess sported a very 1930’s hairstyle: short bob with soft curls. This suited Snow White very well as not only did it frame her face quite nicely, it also accentuated her daintiness. Not only that, the pitch-black colour of Snow White’s hair provided a striking contrast to her snow-white skin. Gorgeous.

Jasmine’s Thick, Glossy Hair

jasmine hair goals

There are no words. LOOK HOW LUSCIOUS!

Pocahontas’ Overly Manageable Hair

Pocahontas hair goals

Most people hesitate to go out on a windy day, even if it IS to paint with all the colours of the wind. Then there’s Pocahontas, whose hair is so cooperative that there is not a strand of hair out of place! Somehow she is immune to bad hair days, and we could not be more jealous.

Granted, nothing is impossible. While recreating these hairstyles in real life may be a little more difficult, realistic versions of it are achievable. Just ask your local hairstylist, and watch as they work their magic on your lovely locks. You too can look like a Disney Princess!